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Understanding the ‘Osmior’ Collection of Leroy Watches

L.Leroy Osmior 18K White Gold Monopusher Chronograph LL100/1 (beauty shot)

Understanding the ‘Osmior’ Collection of Leroy Watches

Luminous gold with a platinum gleam – the patina of Osmior is signature to the collection of Leroy watches that carries this title. Leroy’s Osmior collection includes some of the most prestigious, innovative selection of luxury timepieces.

‘Osmior’ is more than just a name; it is a lavish material that is instrumental in Leroy’s high-end watchmaking and design. It has the value of gold and the luster of platinum for a unique, beautiful watch case to enclose some of the world’s most incredible luxury timepieces.

According to the Antique Jewelry University encyclopedia, the metal alloy Osmior (also known as plator or platinor) has been used as a replacement for platinum. This practice was more common back in the early 1900s, but was reintroduced by Leroy in their recently released timepieces.

For many years, this ancient metal alloy has been used by Leroy for the Grande Complication watch cases. Osmior is composed mostly of gold, yet with a color more similar to platinum. According to Leroy, Osmior “was thus the natural choice to designate the classical range of the L.Leroy collections. The OSMIOR range perfectly captures the values of elegance, finesse, discretion and quality reflected in the timepieces we produce in our workshops.”

This prestigious metal alloy augments the caliber of luxury in Leroy watches. Osmior is a material in most of the Leroy watches in our offering at As a strong, high-end casing material, it compliments the intricately designed watch features and encloses the innovative complications of each timepiece exquisitely.

The use of Osmior in the craftsmanship and production of Leroy watches further indicates this House’s dedication to manufacturing some of the most amazing, innovative, and beautiful timepieces in the world. To browse our exclusive offering of limited edition Leroy watches, including the timepieces within Leroy’s Osmior collection, simply click here.

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