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A Close Look at the World’s Most Complicated Watch

A Close Look at the World’s Most Complicated Watch

Intricate complications, highly-developed movements, magnificent design – these are all features of the dozens of luxury timepieces that we feature all of the time at In an industry that is full of notable houses of horology and even more packed with astounding innovations in watch technology and design, there are still creations that are set apart. At a whole new level of remarkable timepieces, the most complicated watch in the world is certainly something to talk about.

Patek Philippe is the house that designed and produced this incredible timepiece. After seven years of development and two years of production, this watch is the result of a truly remarkable effort.

This video offers a rare glimpse into the making of the most complicated watch in the world:

From drawing concepts, to physical and digital design, construction, and skilled crafting, this close look at the creation of the world’s most complicated watch is truly magnificent. You can see how intensely detailed the process is, and with such a complicated watch, skilled craftsmanship is a necessity.

It’s an exhilarating experience just to watch this video! At moments you feel anxious, inspired, impressed and awestruck. This is a captivating portrayal of the effort and ingenuity that went into the creation of this magnificent timepiece.

This is one of Patek Philippe’s 175th Anniversary commemorative watches. The double-face reversible case wristwatch boasts 20 complications, 1366 movement components, 214 case components, five chimes (Grand Sonnerie, Petite Sonnerie, Minute Repeater, Patented Date Repeater, and a Patented alarm with time strike), and three gongs. The timepiece includes a total of six patented inventions.

The design includes Patek Philippe’s Grandmaster chime, a time side with hand guilloche center, applied Roman numerals, 18K gold dial plates, and a fully hand-engraved case in rose gold. Only seven were made – six to be sold and one to be kept in the Patek Philippe Museum Collection.

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