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How to Start a Men’s Luxury Watch Collection

How to Start a Men’s Luxury Watch Collection

Invest in your passion by starting a men’s luxury watch collection.


Watches are the only accessories that many men wear besides their wedding rings. Watches are often given as gifts and mark important milestones in a man’s life, such as a graduation or wedding. In addition to being functional and fashionable, men’s luxury watches are a statement about who you are.


A wristwatch is seen as an indicator of a man’s self-image, and certain brands of men’s luxury watches can enhance your status. Whether you opt for vintage timepieces or hot, new brands, starting a watch collection is a great way to invest in your passion for luxury horology.


Taking the Plunge


One of the biggest questions among men starting a watch collection is where to begin. With men’s luxury watch options only expanding, it can be difficult to determine which watches are appropriate. As a rule of thumb, a well-dressed man generally owns three timepieces: a day watch that suits their occupation, a casual watch, and a dress watch.


A day watch is an all-purpose watch that typically comes with a metal or leather strap and takes the middle ground in terms of thickness. It may feature a few complications, such as a chronograph, perpetual calendar, or dual time zones. If your occupation involves specific tasks, consider getting a day watch with complications that aid you in completing those tasks.


A casual watch is an everyday watch that you can wear anywhere from on the ski slopes to in your garden. Casual watches typically have a rubber strap. A casual watch should be nearly unbreakable and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged if you take a quick dive in the pool or play an impromptu round of golf.


The average dress watch is a thin, uncomplicated watch that is appropriate for black-tie events, like weddings, operas, or film premieres. You can opt for a classical, slim dress watch or a flashy, bling-worthy dress watch that turns heads.


Where to Start


Though there are exceptions to the rule, many watches lose their value over time. Therefore, it’s best to buy for today because you enjoy a watch rather than buy a luxury watch as an investment. The majority of people who buy new watches and decide to resell them right after purchase are unable to sell them at prices close to retail.


The main purpose of collecting men’s luxury watches is to buy pieces that you love. Research every luxury watch brand out there to find the right style, material, color, story, etc. The only substitute for knowledge and experience when shopping for luxury watches is to work with an honest boutique retailer that can help you select a fine watch that perfectly suits your needs. When you’re growing your watch collection, go slowly and enjoy each piece you have before adding new ones.


Protect Your Investment


Men’s luxury watches, like luxury vehicles, need looking after. Plan to have your watches serviced every three to five years because their lubricants and moving parts will degrade and need to be replaced over time. When you’re not wearing your watches, store them in a cool, dark, and dry environment, such as a chest of drawers or box that’s designed for storing watches.

Start Your Men’s Luxury Watch Collection with the Help of JZ&F


From Romain Jerome to de grisogono, JZ&F offers a broad range of exclusive luxury watch brands for the most discriminating watch collectors and connoisseurs around the world. Contact our men’s luxury watch experts today if you’d like to find a luxury watch you can’t wait to wear.

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