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Debunking the Myths about Watch-Buying

Debunking the Myths about Watch-Buying

For the watch-enthusiast who is new to the world of purchasing collectors’ watches, there can be many a warning to take heed of before you lay down a few thousand dollars on a luxury timepiece. Since we’re a friend to watchmakers and collectors who love their work, we would like to help debunk a few myths about watch-buying, to make your purchase experience better and without the anxiety.

Myth #1: The best watches in the world are made by Rolex. Absolutely not! Here at, we pride ourselves on finding some of the best watches from Switzerland and around the world, crafted by some incredible watchmakers. Many of these watchmakers are more obscure, but in our opinion, their work is far better than the mainstream brand of Rolex. Now, that being said, Rolex is to credit for some important innovations in watchmaking, and their watches are excellent pieces. They are just not the best.

Myth #2: The more expensive the watch, the better it will tell time. This is probably one of the worst myths out there, because not only is it untrue, it also completely misses the point of collecting luxury timepieces. For some men, a collector’s watch is purchased for its uniqueness or rarity. For others, it’s a style statement. For still others, it’s an investment and admiration for the watchmaker’s art and craft. But it’s never about telling time. Luxury timepieces are expensive for the workmanship and artistry of their creation, not for their ability to accurately tell time. Of course, they should also be able to function as watches in addition to looking spectacular.

Myth #3: If it’s not sold by an authorized dealer, the watch is a fake or reject. In addition to, there are dozens of dealers of luxury men’s watches. None of the watches we sell are fake, and we are pretty sure many of those other dealers would be out of business if they sold fakes. Like us, they most likely hold to a standard to sell only genuine watches that are analyzed to ensure legitimacy and authenticity. This is particularly important for our limited edition and rare timepieces – we always ensure that the piece we are selling is indisputably authentic.

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Featured photo credit Flickr user alexkerhead.

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