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Selecting Your Ideal Watch Strap vs. Bracelet

Selecting Your Ideal Watch Strap vs. Bracelet

It is not the star of the show, but your watch strap does have an important role to play in the appeal of your timepiece. The bracelet or strap that holds your watch to your wrist can make or break the look and function of the accessory.

There are several types of watchstrap options, including rubber or leather watch straps and bracelet jewelry. Which is right for you, and more importantly, which is right for the timepiece it is featuring?

When selecting the ideal watch band or bracelet, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Keep the formal vs. casual style consistent. The general opinion is that a watch bracelet is a more formal form, however, this depends on the design. Some watch bracelets can have a more formal look, but they can also be sporty-casual. While a leather strap for your timepiece may amplify the relaxed qualities of the watch, it can also add elegance, texture, and charm – particularly if the leather strap is made from real alligator skin or high-end leather.
  • Quality is key. When selecting a strap or bracelet for your luxury timepiece, you should definitely keep quality at the front of your mind. A good rule of thumb is to ask questions. Learn whether the watch strap is made from patterned cowhide or real alligator leather. Ask about whether the bracelet is polished in 18K gold or made from solid 18K gold. Is the clasp solid or brushed with gold? Of course, the timepiece itself will require the most research and care in your decision, but if you are purchasing a new or additional watch strap or bracelet, you should take some care in your purchase.
  • Focus on complimenting features. The clasp and metal features of the watch strap or bracelet should match and/or compliment your timepiece. If the watch casing is rose gold, a stainless steel clasp may clash. Sometimes the clock face or other features of the timepiece may determine a better or optimal color of leather watch strap.
  • Choose something that suits your style. If you will be wearing this timepiece for more formal occasions, select your watchstrap accordingly. Some people are uncomfortable wearing the metal bracelet straps on their wrists (it may pull on arm hair, or cause an uncomfortable texture against the skin) – if this sounds familiar, you should avoid the bracelet option.
  • Don’t ignore functionality. How will you be wearing the watch – as a featured design piece? A regular wardrobe accessory? Consider your eventual use of the watch and select a watchstrap that compliments those needs.

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