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Romain Jerome Watches: Marking Time, Making History

Romain Jerome Watches: Marking Time, Making History

How does a maker of fine men’s watches distinguish themselves and stand out above the crowd to produce a luxury time piece?  Why, they go to the depths of the ocean and to the moon and back if need be. Luckily, you don’t need to travel to the depths of the ocean or the moon to find Romain Jerome watches.


Romain Jerome has been making luxury men’s time pieces since 2004 providing customers with rare opportunities to own a part of history. These Swiss made time pieces are set apart not only by the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, but the limited production and distribution of each line makes them truly collectors’ items with lasting investment value.


Collectors of rare and superbly crafted Romain Jerome watches can choose from 4 unique lines: Air/Moon-DNA, Earth/Liberty-DNA Sea/Titanic-DNA, and RJ Capsules.


Titanic DNA series are made with materials salvaged from the ill –fated vessel crafted into each piece. With details such as the rusted steel bezel made from steel supplied by the Belfast shipyards of Titanic origins, these are unique time pieces indeed. The anchors on the hands are reminiscent of the ship as well as the dials designed to resemble steam engine dials. For example, the Tourbillon Ultimate series was produced in 9 limited edition pieces that have already sold out. The entire Titanic DNA collectors’ series is limited to 2012 pieces.


The Moon Dust DNA series uses actual moon dust and materials from the Apollo 11 spacecraft in the watches. Collectors can choose from the limited Moon Invader, Moon Orbiter, and Moon Dust series. For example, the Moon Dust Series utilizes parts of the Apollo 11 craft in the steel bezel.


The Skylab Heavy Metal line features parts of the Apollo 11 and an NAC finished skeleton movement in 99 limited time pieces.


A unique Romain Jerome time piece sets the wearer apart from the crowd while providing an opportunity to mark time with a piece of history.

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