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Leather vs. Metal in Mens Luxury Watch Straps

Ulysse Nardin 18K Yellow Gold GMT Perpetual Calendar Big Date (back)

Leather vs. Metal in Mens Luxury Watch Straps

When shopping for a mens luxury watch, your priority should always be focused on choosing the timepiece itself, however, the type of watch strap or band is also an aspect to consider. This watch is an investment into your personal style, your representation to others, and also a work of art – the strap should compliment these respects.

As you consider the watch strap for your timepiece, here are some of the pros and cons of each to keep in mind…

  • original-372-1551-tut1-600x600Aesthetics: Your aesthetic choice will depend largely on the look that you are attempting to create for your style, and the luxury timepiece, itself. For instance, this Tutima Valeo Rose Gold watch would not have nearly the elegance and appeal that it does if it had a metal bracelet. Generally, leather watch straps have more of a professional, classic expression. Metal bracelets for watches will still look professional, but – depending on their design and the artistry of the timepiece itself – will come across as slightly more casual. (Click here for Esquire’s tips on how to buy mens luxury watches and everyday watches).
  • Durability: While leather is very strong, and looks beautiful for a very long time, a metal bracelet will almost always last longer, and is easier to repair without replacing the whole strap. Metal can also take more of a beating from every day wear-and-tear than a leather strap, but if you’re purchasing this watch for special occasions, a leather watch may be more suitable.
  • Comfort: Leather is, itself skin; therefore, a leather watch strap will be very comfortable after it’s been ‘broken in’ and worn a few times. Metal bands can also be quite comfortable, however original-79-268-audemars-piguet-royal-oak-pride-of-china-limited-edition-power-reserve-moonphase-18k-solid-rose-gold-and-steel-600x600some wearers find that the links can pinch when the watch is worn too tightly, or the watch moves too much when there are too many links. The comfort of a metal band for your watch is also often dependent on its quality. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “Pride of China” watch, for instance, is a superior quality piece with stainless steel links that connect very comfortably for the wearer.
  • Cleaning: Clearing the junk from in-between your watch’s metal bracelet links is as simple as removing the bracelet from the watch and putting it into an ultrasonic cleaner. Leather bands can be just as easy to clean – particularly with cleaners like the Esslinger Clean & Care.

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