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How to Choose the Right Size Watch

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How to Choose the Right Size Watch

What is the best size for a men’s luxury watch? This might seem like a simple question but it is hard to answer because there is no right size watch for everyone. Luxury watches have gone back and forth in size over the years. In the past, the smaller a watch was, the better because it meant that the movement was smaller and finer. That doesn’t mean a large watch doesn’t have a good movement or isn’t of high quality, however. The trend towards larger watches has grown in recent years and many watches are oversize for fashion reasons.


It can be difficult to determine the right size watch to buy, especially if you’re buying a watch online and aren’t able to see it in person. It’s hard to tell what a watch will look like on your wrist if you can’t try it on. One simple way to determine what a watch would look like on your wrist is to draw the watch out on a piece of paper, cut it out, and then size it to your wrist. You can multiply the millimeter measurement by 0.03937 to convert it into inches. For example, a watch with a 35mm dial would be 1.38 inches.


Watch size is a matter of preference. Men’s watches generally have dials ranging from 34mm-50mm in diameter. If you’re buying a watch as a gift, it’s generally good to stay within 36mm-44mm, which is considered an acceptable range for most males. As a frame of reference, a classic men’s Rolex watch is 36mm and few Rolex watches are over 41mm. Men with larger wrists should avoid wearing watches with dials smaller than 40mm. Larger men’s watches tend to be in style right now, and most men prefer wearing a timepiece that is 40-44mm wide. These days, there are even 55m men’s luxury watches.


Rules of Thumb to Follow When Picking a Watch


While there are no specific rules to follow regarding watch sizing, there are a few factors to keep in mind when purchasing a men’s luxury watch. First off, make sure that the watch’s lugs don’t extend over your wrist when you wear the watch. Lugs are the extensions on the top and bottom of a watch where the strap or bracelet is attached. If the lugs are far from the ends of your wrist, however, the watch will look small and dainty, which you probably don’t want, either. Most men select a watch that covers as much of their wrist as possible without being larger than their wrist. If you choose a smaller watch, it’s recommended that you pick one with a thicker case so that it doesn’t look small and feminine.


Watch size is a source of contention among men’s luxury watch aficionados. Although many watch lovers claim to know which watch size is best, avoid letting other people dictate what size watch you will wear. The most important thing is to find a watch thatyou think fits you well.

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