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Comparing Leroy and Some of the Top Names in Watchmaking – Part Two

Comparing Leroy and Some of the Top Names in Watchmaking – Part Two

When it comes to craftsmanship of luxury watches, only a few names stand out above the rest. These masters of horology not only apply remarkable technical prowess, but also inspire generations of watchmakers with their artistic skill and innovative style.

One such eminent presence in the world of watchmaking is the House of Leroy. Recently, we compared the work from this brand alongside other notable houses in the industry. Today, we continue this contrast. In addition, we have some brand new luxury timepieces from Leroy in our offering. Click here to browse these exceptional watches.

Guy Ellia
Known for crafting timepieces with intricate, sophisticated movements and high complication, Guy Ellia making incredible watches with a distinctly contemporary style. Unlike the 200-plus years behind the established Leroy brand, Guy Ellia was founded in 1999. However, this relative youth for this particular house of watchmaking has resulted in some incredible timepieces that have a fresh, modern appeal. In addition to our growing collection of Leroy watches, offers a small, exclusive selection of Guy Ellia luxury watches.

Haute horologie is most certainly at play with the timepieces crafted in the house of Breguet. Founded in 1775, it is one of the few brands featured in this comparison that is slightly more established than Leroy, which was founded only 10 years later. While Leroy has its roots in France, crafting timepieces for royalty across Europe, Breguet has had its own illustrious and celebrated history from Switzerland. Some of Breguet’s most notable patrons include Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Victoria and Sir Winston Churchill.

Patek Philippe
In 1839, a little more than 50 years after Breguet and Leroy were founded, watchmaker Patek Philippe joined the ranks of luxury watch craftsmanship. This house focuses on the Genevan traditions of watchmaking, with innovation from new technologies and materials. From classic luxury wrist watches to elaborate, rare timepieces, Patek Philippe is one of the leaders in the industry. By comparison, Leroy’s established experience and pointedly classical style offer a wonderfully focused result with each collection’s design. Either brand is a wonderful inclusion in any luxury watch collection.

We hope this comparison has provided some useful insight into the offering from these – all remarkable – luxury watchmakers. To browse our growing selection of Leroy timepieces, click here. Otherwise, you are welcome to visit our online store for watches from other exceptional brands.

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