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The Apple Watch is Cool, but Hardly Luxury

The Apple Watch is Cool, but Hardly Luxury

As technology enthusiasts and high-end watch collectors may be aware, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced more details about the Apple Watch in an event on Monday, March 9th.

This development has sparked conversation suggesting that the new Apple Watch Edition may qualify as a luxury-level timepiece. But 18K gold casing and a five-digit price are hardly qualifiers to register the Apple Watch alongside brands like Leroy and de Grisogono.

As Venture Beat noted, there is a key factor in why the Apple Watch is not a lavish timepiece: resale value. Because the Apple Watch is also a computer in addition to being a timepiece, there will be a limit to the updates (firmware upgrades) Apple can apply to each generation of watches after they are out on the market. After three years, the watch will have reached its product lifetime. It’s not an investment like authentic luxury timepieces, as the New Yorker said.

Unlike a typical high-end watch, which retains its value almost indefinitely as long as its condition is maintained, this generation of the Apple Watch will be outdated and of significantly lesser value after just a couple of years.

For high-end watch collectors, this simple fact keeps the Apple Watch far beneath the caliber of luxury watches. It is certainly a quality gadget that technology aficionados will surely crave and some will buy, but it is not a timepiece to compete with the top names in horology.

If you are looking for authentic extravagance in a timepiece, we recommend the Edward Piguet Chronograph Date watch from Audemars Piguet. The Chronoswiss Imperator Constance timepiece and FG One Blackened Stainless Steel Jump Hour watch by de Grisogono are two more luxury timepieces to consider.

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