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Advantages of Fountain Pens

Advantages of Fountain Pens

A fountain pen is more than just an attractive luxury accessory. Beyond its appealing form, a fountain pen has wonderful functionality. As a writing utensil, the fountain pen is accurate and elegant, offering the user a sophisticated instrument for communicating thought on paper.

In comparison with the cheap, flimsy ballpoint and gel pens most people use in casual, everyday scenarios, a fountain pen is a work of art and a valuable collectible item. There are several advantages of fountain pens for a functional writing instrument, instead …

Design affects function with fountain pens, because the angle of the nib is such that the pen will only draw ink and write properly if it is held in a particular position. This position happens to be the most ergonomic for writing posture, as well. The flow of ink from a fountain pen usually requires less pressure; therefore minimizing the discomfort or cramping the writer may feel after extended writing periods.

The environmental aspect of fountain pens is another advantage. Typical ballpoint pens are extremely cheap, and we usually throw them away once the ink is used up. Over time, this creates a lot of waste and landfill. Alternatively, fountain pen refills are made with significantly less material, which is also recyclable after they are emptied of ink. A well made, maintained fountain pen can last a lifetime – also reducing waste.

Perhaps the most poignant advantage of using a fountain pen over a ballpoint or other cheap equivalent is the opportunity for individual expression. More than any other writing instrument, a fountain pen allows the writer to express their own character in their writing style, point shapes and thicknesses, and ink color.

When carry, display, and use a fountain pen, it also becomes a conversation starter. This is particularly true with writing utensils that have a rich story to them, such as the pens in the Alchemist collection from Montegrappa.

Add an exclusive Montegrappa fountain pen to your collection. Click here to browse our selection of limited edition, luxury fountain pens by Montegrappa.

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