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A Highlight of 3 Luxury Tourbillon Watches

A Highlight of 3 Luxury Tourbillon Watches


Collectors of high-end timepieces will likely have heard of the term, ‘tourbillon’ to describe a feature of some of the watches they treasure. This is a necessary feature of timepieces for precise timekeeping, since gravity’s effect on timekeeping changes depending on the position the watch is in. A tourbillon helps to regulate the watch in order to minimize the effects of this problem.

As part of a timepiece’s escapement, a tourbillon is designed to improve accuracy of the watch’s timekeeping functionality by counteracting gravity. Technically speaking, the makeup of a tourbillon movement is a balance wheel and escapement mounted within a cage that rotates when the watch is in a fixed position. This counters the gravitational element, which can cause problems to the sensitive parts of the watch’s escapement, such as the pallet fork, hairspring, and balance wheel.

Abraham-Louis Breguet, a French-Swiss watchmaker, developed the mechanism in the very late 1700s. Today, the tourbillon is a functional mechanism to already intricate luxury watches that are works of art as well as functional timepieces. is proud to carry a selection of dozens of high-end watches, and some of them are equipped with the tourbillon mechanism. Here are three truly wonderful luxury tourbillon watches we currently feature:

Alain Silberstein Tourbillon

This timepiece is a rare wonder. One of a limited edition release of only 500 units, the Alain Silberstein Tourbillon watch features a mother-of-pearl subdial that pops with a white and sky blue ‘Dove’ motif. The back has a sapphire crystal display that shows off the beautiful rose gold movement of the watch. Its casing is titanium, and the timepiece has a 75-hour power reserve.

Leroy Osmior Tourbillon Chronometer

One of the luxury watch brands that is almost exclusively licensed to retail in the U.S., Leroy, has crafted a few exceptional timepieces with tourbillon mechanisms. One we’d like to highlight is the Osmior Tourbillon Chronometer. A lustrous 18K rose gold case and bezel enclose the tourbillon and chronometer movements of this lovely timepiece. It has a classical, highly intricate appeal that resonates further with the hand guilloche dial, 18K rose gold hands, and sapphire display on the back.

Frederique Constant Tourbillon

A true gentleman’s timepiece, the Frederique Constant Tourbillon offers a timeless allure that has a touch of ‘Steam Punk’ in its unique style. It is a very rare unit – one of only 99 made. The tourbillon has a hand-winding movement, and other notable features include cote-de-Geneve, perlage, and anglage finishing patterns.

To browse more of the exceptional high-end timepieces and luxury tourbillon watches in our offering, please click here.

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