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Luxury Watch Terminology You Need to Know When Shopping for Men

Luxury Watch Terminology You Need to Know When Shopping for Men

Arm yourself with this crucial luxury watch terminology guide to talk the talk.


They say you can tell a lot about a man by looking at the watch on his wrist. For some men, watches are merely tools that reveal the hour and enable them to get to meetings on time. However, there are also many men who consider watches an important accessory that symbolizes one’s status and sense of style.


If you’re new to the world of watch aficionados, there is a lot of jargon you need to be familiar with. Knowing basic watch vocabulary can help you choose a luxury watch that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle as well as enable you to keep up in conversations about men’s luxury watches. Below is a guide to watch terminology that will put you on par with industry pros when you’re discussing luxury watches for men.




A movement is the interior mechanical device that powers a watch and drives its timekeeping functions. A movement is essentially a watch’s engine and consists of a winding mechanism, balance wheel, mainspring, and escapement. A watch can have a quartz, mechanical, or automatic movement.




The dial of a watch, also known as its face, is the focal point of a watch and contains numerals, indices, and a surface design. The watch’s name may be applied directly to the dial or printed on it.




The crystal is the clear, protective cover over a watch’s dial. Sapphire crystal is the most expensive, durable, and scratch-resistant type of watch crystal. Sapphire crystal is approximately three times harder than mineral crystal and 20 times harder than acrylic crystal.




The bezel of a watch is the metal ring that surrounds and holds the crystal in place, circling the watch’s dial. A bezel allows the wearer to read elapsed time quickly. Some sports watches feature a rotating ratchet bezel that moves as part of the timing device.




A case is the housing of a watch and is typically made of steel, titanium, gold, or platinum. A case is the frame that houses a watch’s mechanisms and typically measures 35mm or more in diameter.




The crown is a button on the side of the case that allows you to adjust the time and date as well as wind the watch.




A complication is any watch function beyond basic timekeeping. Examples of complications include the moon phase, chronograph, and annual calendar. The more complications a men’s luxury watch has, the more valuable it is considered to be.




A self-winding watch is a type of mechanical watch in which the mainspring is wound automatically as a result of the wearer’s natural arm movements. Self-winding watches do not need to be manually wound on a daily basis.




The design of a water-resistant watch helps prevent moisture from entering the case and harming the movement. However, you should only bathe or swim with a watch that is water-resistant for up to 100 meters.

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