Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis Luxury Watches

The premier Swiss watch provocateur Roger Dubuis offers a number of luxury timepieces that are paramount to style and class. Roger Dubuis entered the extravagant watch market and has remained at the forefront since 1995. The mission of Roger Dubuis leaves the mark of rich intricacy.

Roger Dubuis Editions


The watches of Roger Dubuis are separated into editions that embody four characters or personalities that belong to distinct worlds. The collections each coincide in the composition of their world. Each watch model is unique in their own atmosphere. These worlds are: Player, Warrior, Venturer, and Diva.

Watch Collections

The Monegasque Collection belongs to the courageous and charismatic power the “Player’s” world embodies. The Excalibur Collection’s watch hands are blades of the sword and influenced by strength and tenacity of the world of the “Warrior.” Out of the ordinary, the world of the Venturer carries through life challenging the norm core. The Pulsion Collection models the “Venturer’s” limitless lifestyle of traversing boundaries. Finally, extravagance and class embodies the Velvet Collection the Roger Dubuis “Diva” lifestyle. All Roger Dubuis Collections or “movements” add up to a total amount of 31 designs, which are finished and hand-decorated. The four collections together take on a fifth notion, which represents what Roger Dubuis calls: “Incredible Mechanics.” The mechanics can be seen within the architectural Hommage collections.

Quality Mechanics

Quality and performance are paramount for Roger Dubuis. Core development, eye for detail and hand-touched finishes make each Dubuis timepiece iconic. The manufacturing house has upmost respect to assure they are providing clientele with the highest possible quality. Roger Dubuis offers their manufacturer guarantee if any technical flaws should occur within a 24-month period from date purchased.

Regal Design

Roger Dubuis established his name in the watch making movement by implementing the Hallmark of Geneva. The Swiss watch curator reigns superior as the only watch manufacturer to label his watches with the Geneva Seal on his products. The revered symbol carries stature and a reflection of international status.

The Dubuis Luxury Watch Commitment

As a dedicated haute horologerist, Roger Dubuis crafts timepieces for, not only showcase, but for the greater good. As a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), Roger Dubuis practices ethical, social, and responsible manufacturing methods. The RJC is responsible for promoting the practice of fair trade and respect for human rights. Roger Dubuis is also a part of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), which is an international plan for the industry to avoid use of blood diamonds. Roger Dubuis receives its supplies from respected wholesalers who provide legitimate diamond product.